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Haldwani Violance live update in hindi, CM Pushkar singh dhami

Haldwani Violance live update in hindi

Haldwani Live update

Haldwani Violance live update in hindi : Uttarakhand | Haldwani violence | Four people died in the violence-hit Banbhoolpura & more than 100 policemen were injured: State ADG Law & Order AP Anshuman

Uttarakhand: Vehicles were damaged by a mob in the violence-hit area of ​​Haldwani.

Violence broke out in Banbhoolpura, Haldwani following an anti-encroachment drive yesterday. A curfew was enforced in Banbhoolpura on the orders of the District Magistrate.


जयपुर डायलॉग में लिखा की

Looks like it was not a Reaction to Illegal Mosque Demolition in Haldwani but a reaction to UCC Law Passed by Pushkar Dhami

Shoot at Sight Order by the CM is Right and Just

Following the Yogi Footsteps Pushkar Singh Dhami should teach a Lesson to Peacefools

haldwani news,haldwani

A policeman from the #Haldwani riot site went on record to show the injuries he sustained from the stone-ρelting and how he had to save himself. These unlawful elements, unfit to exist in this civilised society cry oppression and lsIamophobia when tαmed by law!

First they create violence, attack innocents/officers and then put their women in front so that when police retaliate, they start playing ‘minority women victim card”..

Very old technique… And just look at their women, do they look even a bit scared of the police?

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